Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Delay

As we speak I am on the plane en route to Phoenix, Arizona where my teammates and I will play twelve games in six days. Unfortunately, usually nothing goes as planned. We were all sitting on the plane at about 9:00 ready to take off when the flight attendant got on the loud speaker and uttered the dreadful line: "I'm sorry folks but we've encountered a problem." Apparently the first officer had a family emergency and could no longer accompany us. Continental had to find a back-up first officer before we could leave. They called some guy who was probably at home drinking a beer and watching March Madness. What we later found out was that the only first officer in America available at this point was in North Dakota. I'm just kidding but it did take him forever to get to the airport.

After a two hour delay we finally were in the air on our way to Phoenix. I was fortunate enough to be able to check out the Sky Mall with Pat Bourke ( a sophomore infielder). You gotta love the Sky Mall. There was a miniature donut maker that looked fantastic. Only $129.99.....what a bargain!

Anyways, we got to our hotel, a Holiday Inn Express at about 1:00 AM. However, I was quite thrilled to be back at the Holiday Inn Express. I love their showers. The water pressure is fantastic!

At this point it's probably time for bed. Catch the blog tomorrow.

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